Center Based Programs

From the moment you enter an Opal Autism Center, you will feel the joy and warmth of our care. Laughter, learning and fun are built into everything we do here at Opal.

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We provide families with a fresh perspective on ABA; no long waiting for an assessment, no more table therapy, no more one-size fits all approach, no more struggling to implement strategies at home, no more inconsistency, no more lack of support, no more drab centers. ABA the Opal Way is accomplished through innovative centers designed with our clients in mind, highly individualized treatment plans, preschool prep curriculums, qualified and esteemed clinical professionals, outcome-focused therapy, a child-centric approach, parents as partners, and most of all, oodles of purposeful fun!

Our Themed Rooms

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Craft/Circle Room

This is where children can get creative and express themselves through art and play. We believe that creativity is essential to learning, and we encourage our children to explore their imaginations and develop their social skills through group activities.

Early Learner Room

In this room, children can explore their surroundings and learn through play. Our early learner room is designed to promote early development, communication, and social skills with trained staff providing individualized attention to each child.

Engaging Gross Motor Room

This is where children can have fun and improve their physical abilities. Our staff is trained in therapeutic techniques that encourage children to engage in physical activity and promote physical development.

Sensory Room

Designed as the perfect room to provide children with a safe and comfortable retreat to find balance. We understand that some children with autism spectrum disorder can become overwhelmed by sensory stimuli, and this room is designed to cater to their needs and promote relaxation.

Parent Training Room

This is where parents can connect with our therapy staff and learn how to support their child's development at home. We believe that parental involvement is essential to a child's success, and we work closely with parents to provide support and resources.

Learn Room

Here children can receive focused 1-on-1 therapy and individualized attention. Our therapy staff is trained in evidence-based practices, and we customize each child's therapy plan to meet their unique needs.

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